2024 Programming Goals

Year of the Dragon is here and what programming goals have you set for yourself if any?

I’m keen to finish the python track here on exercism and do a decent chunk of c, rust, bash and maybe go and lua as well. Adding Elixer here for some functional programming thanks @glennj

Also keen to do one of the k8s certs with Linux Foundation.

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Given your list, I’d recommend adding a functional language in there to round out your programming palette. I like to recommend Elixir for that.

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Thanks for the tip I’ll have a look.

I’ll be launching the Pyret track this year and maintaining the Racket track. Outside of Exercism, I’m learning Arcade, a scripting language for ESRI’s ArcGIS ecosystem. I’ll also buckle down and finish the JS curriculum at The Odin Project. However, there’s some early talk at work about testing Blazor out for smaller of our web mapping projects so I should probably pick up C# again.

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I would like to work on a track for a dependently typed language, Lean.


Let’s do it! :rocket:

I feel a bit saturated on new languages after going crazy on 12in23, turning it into #42in23. That was educational, but maybe less good for my mental wellbeing.

This year I want to focus on languages I like, especially going back to my scientific roots with Python/R/Julia. For Exercism, trying to extend learning syllabuses, approaches, etc (as long as @BethanyG and @jonmcalder will tolerate me and my PRs).

Beyond that, get back to doing more on Pytorch, FastAI, modern R with the tidyverse packages, Julia as it develops rapidly, Mojo as it develops even more rapidly (we need to think about when that should be an Exercism track)…

Though I also love C#/F#/Ballerina, so they deserve more attention. So much to do, so little time!


Agreed and so hard to prioritize effectively when it’s all important!

Of course I’ll “tolerate” you and your PR’s - you’ve been such a great help!

Fleshing out the concept exercises for a learning syllabus is a massive undertaking and your contributions in that regard have been essential to getting going. Just sorry that the progress on my end has been so slow in reviewing what you’ve already worked on.


Ambitious, indeed !

Exercism-wise :

  • Participate in 48in24
  • Launch (finally!) the REXX track
  • If possible, contribute to developing the newly-created Batch Scripting track (it was the first IBM PC-based language I learned, so many fond memories are associated with it).
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My (probably overly ambitious) aim: Write a programming language (with Erik) and use it to teach 1M people to code during 2024.

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It is a pleasure to write in this group! I would like to talk about my programming goals in 2024. I just started F# track in Exercism and I am very happy, as always I am very happy when I start learning a new language. I want to learn ten more languages this year but I know I cannot commit to that claim. I wish to progress in the tracks I am already in, Go, C# and Python. In addition I would like to enlarge my soft skills and software engineering skills as in a framework, ORM, REST, SOLID, dependency injection and so forth.
I wish everyone a fulfilling 2024.


Ruby for .NET, to merge your enthusiasms?

Implementing method_missing should be interesting in that framework.

Edit: apparently IronRuby already did at least some of this.

That would be great for testing. If the test runner could ask if a function / class / struct or variable was defined in the users code.