Ability to invite someone to Exercism/a specific track

Hi guys,

I have a friend who is on the edge about learning to program and I believe if he just gets his foot in the door he’ll really flourish. He has a Microsoft background and as I’m aware the Powershell track will soon be available, it would be cool to invite him to the platform/track so he can start his journey.

I’m sure this has already been discussed but I noticed there doesn’t appear to currently be any way to invite someone to Exercism or to a track specifically. Is there a reason for this? Relationships between the inviter and invitees could be extended out from this.

Just a thought I had. Let me know what you think!

People don’t need an “invite” to join. You can just tell him to check out http://exercism.org and (when it’s available), check out Powershell at https://exercism.org/tracks

I’m not understanding what ability is lacking here.

Nothing lacking currently per se, I just thought it could be a nice way for people to be better connected through Exercism. Was just a passing thought I had :slight_smile:

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I think OP wants a more formal way to invite someone with experience/motivation to contribute to Exercism… so that in the long run, things are less formal, so to speak.

@alexmitchelldev are you thinking of an official email or something like that? The idea sounds good, but as Isaac says, the current way of sharing the track link and telling them to check it out is fine. Perhaps you could tell your friend to email the team about the CC pause? Or is this thread asking the team to explicate the exception for the person?

@alexmitchelldev, to clarify, are you discussing inviting someone as a student/user of the platform, or as a contributor to make changes/additions to the tracks?

Sorry about the slow response.

I initially thought of this from the ‘inviting someone as a student/user’ perspective however I think it can be applied to both circumstances really.

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