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Please i’m having a hard time to install the exercism ctl

Hi! This thread is probably the wrong place to ask.

Perhaps you should open a new thread and clearly describe the problems you are facing.

Not just “I have problems installing the cli”, but instead "on my Mac os system it says ‘brew: command not found’ when running brew install exercism“.

So include at least your operating system, what you are trying to do and what the result you see is, if possible tell us also what result you would expect instead.

Hi, i tried to install the cli on my windows system, but when i open the cmd.exe and execute the comand " exercism" on it, it says “no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo, programa o archivo por lotes ejecutables” (Not recognized as an internal or external command, program, or executable batch file).

This most often indicates that the executable is not in the path. I don’t actively run Windows any longer, but the instructions should have information on where to place the executable to be in the path.

It can be informative to know which instructions you are reading, to do the installation.


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Having hard time to install exercism on my parrot os. Help the terminal keeps saying mv: cannot stat ‘exercism’: No such file or directory.

Please show the command that you use to get that message.

Something like this would be helpful:

$> mv exercism ~/bin/
mv: cannot stat  'exercism': No such file or directory

I am in my /tmp/sandbox directory, and when I do an `ls -w` command, I
get this:

apples   bananas  cherries
kiwi         peaches  coconut

To which we could tell you that the command is correct, there is no
exercism file there to move.

So, we would then have to ask you what you have done up to this point,
and direct you from there.

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Hi, i want to change my handle, but for some reason i cant do it

For some reason when trying to pass (test) the first JS exam (Hello World) says there’s a problem with the infrastructure / code. But believe me, there’s no problem with the code.

So for this reason I can’t use Exercism really. Any help?