Adding exercises to Wren track

I would like to add a few exercises to the Wren track, starting with

  • all-your-base - PR
  • nth-prime - PR
  • bottle-song

See Select Featured Exercises for December Diversions for a discussion on which exercises to feature in 12in23’s next month.

Thanks for the new exercises @keiraville, those are fun ones. It was nice to stretch my legs in wren again.

I look forward to new ones for December, if you’re keen to continue.

I’ll add a few more, such as

  • perfect-numbers - PR
  • kindergarten-garden - PR
  • rail-fence-cipher
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  • bottle-song - PR
  • rail-fence-cipher - PR
  • rotational-cipher - PR
  • crypto-square - PR
  • diffie-hellman

When the custom track trophies feature is ready, a Cryptologist trophy could be attainable on this track - it already has the other cipher exercises.

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  • killer-sudoku-helper - PR
  • knapsack - PR
  • pangram - PR
  • pascals-triangle - PR
  • pythagorean-triplet - PR

Stopping here. I won’t add diffie-hellman as the problem is deprecated.

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