[Announcement] The official Exercism Discord server

Hey everyone. Happy Monday!

Today we’re launching our official Discord server. We’re going to use this server for synchronous social chat and support. :tada:

We’ve still got a few details to work out, but it’s good enough to start with now. I’m actively wanting to start with it as basic as possible and improve it over time. Here are a few assorted thoughts:

  • This forum remains the place for deeper, long-form conversation, bug reports, suggestions for improving exercises, and most of the other things it’s currently being used for.
  • There’s a #support channel (threaded) for support, and a #social channel (threads optional) for general chat. There’s also a #rules channel (for the rules!) and a #music channel (post what you’re listening to).
  • We’ll be syncing up maintainer and mentor (>x solutions) roles and giving them permissions to access specific channels (details on this tbc)
  • We’re going to have a special Insiders channel for when that launches.
  • We’ll be setting up a channel for all live-streaming events so they show automatically in the discord (thanks to @IsaacG for helping make this happen).
  • We’re going to be selecting a group of moderators for both Discord and the forum here. Jonathan and I will be discussing this more later in the week.
  • We will be turning off Slack at some point in the not-too-distant future. We’ll give a week or so warning before we do so.

I’m very open to people’s opinions and thoughts on everything, and excited to watch how this unfolds :slight_smile:

Here’s an invite: Exercism


I’m so excited for this!!