Any existing maintainers fancy reviewing some Ocaml PRs?

I’m looking for a “review buddy” to help @georgyo as he gives the track a lick of paint. Any experienced Exercism maintainers know enough Ocaml to help out wave things through?

See Update opam libraries: Add core, ounit2, ppx_deriving - #7 by iHiD for context

I’m not a maintainer but if I can help, I’m up for it.

Thanks @tautologico. Your PRs would be welcome too!

But we really need someone experienced (with Exercism) to help with the reviewing process as well :slight_smile:

I’m not going to be able to sanity check syntax, but I could review text and “exercism structure”, if that helps.

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That would be great. Thank you! @georgyo @tautologico - please tag @BethanyG in any of your PRs that you’d like checking over from an Exercism perspective (or generally waving through!) :slight_smile:

@iHiD - Just saw Update test runner to version 2 by georgyo · Pull Request #35 · exercism/ocaml-test-runner · GitHub fly past (and part of it is in python), but cannot reopen it on the repo. Would it be possible to either add me, or add the reviewers group? many thanks!

@BethanyG Done :slight_smile:
@georgyo You need to accept the org invite I sent you.


@iHiD I accepted the invite on Friday, but my PRs are still getting autoclosed.

Batch of PRs from the weekend:

The test-runner-changes that got merged on Friday unfortunally had a bug where the docker entrypoint was still set to instead of the new Part of this was due to the fact that did not mimic how tests were actually being executed on production. This PR hopefully makes the test match more closely.

Similar to the above, testing in the exercises repository did not mimic the production environment for tests. Now it can.

Finish the migration of oUnit → ounit2

Roll the allergies qcheck tests into ounit2.

This one is more opinionated than the others. I had trouble with the system dependency of bmake for getopts. This does a fair amount of standardization in that project.

My next wave is going to be updating the problem-specifications submodule. It would have been in this wave, but etl and forth both have added some irregular tests that I haven’t figured out how to deal with yet.

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I think you have to set org membership status to public.

That’s because this isn’t merged: Add custom token to community contributions workflow by kytrinyx · Pull Request #454 · exercism/ocaml · GitHub

@ErikSchierboom @kytrinyx Can we force-merge this everywhere now pls?

Consider it done.

Just finished getting in all the PRs for everything that was on my hit list of improvements.

There are 7 PRs from me there, and they all should apply cleanly on top of each other.

I’ll gladly take any comments from anyone interested. Though I’ll have limited internet the next two weeks while I am traveling. So no rush on any of this.

Wonderful. Thanks so much @georgyo!