[Bash] Community Contributions: paused or no?

Regarding: Freeing our maintainers: Exercism-wide changes to track repositories
CC: @jonathanmiddleton

We don’t get a lot of unsolicited issues and PRs on github. Should we officially go on a sabbatical, or is it business as usual?

I’m for remaining open. The contributions that do arrive tend to be generally thought-provoking and useful discussions usually happen.

Other opinions?


Personally, I’m perfectly happy keeping it open. The PRs we get seem to have high value to noise and low workload. That said, if they want to make this change Exercism-wide, I wouldn’t want to buck the trend.

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From my perspective, it is totally up to you two. I am only here (on the track) in a support role.

If you’re happy to keep reviewing PRs and it’s not getting in the way of you using your time to do things that you enjoy more on Exercism (or that you feel add higher value), I’m happy for you to keep doing it :slight_smile:

But I appreciate you wanting to follow the “Exercism-way” a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright. Let’s keep bash and awk as-is.


Hi @glennj and @IsaacG - thanks for responding and have taken note of keeping awk and bash open :slight_smile: