Batch Scripting Language

I noticed that there are no “Batch Scripting Language” tutorials on the site and I would not hesitate to contribute in this area, where can I start? What is the process of adding tutorials?

A friend said @Glenn might be able to help.

@glennj rather :slight_smile: He’s the more active of the two bash maintainers, in terms of making things happen.

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Batch scripting as in Batch file - Wikipedia ? I’m personally not interesting in promoting that.

You right, Batch Scripting Language still using and it’s like php so can’t die because working native in windows terminal and companies loves how easy to automate flows. However, batch sources are not like a course or educative, mostly like document so not beginner friendly, that’s why I would love to contribute this idea.
Also if you wanted know who am I, I’m part of Batch-Man organization which creating amazing tools and plugins for Batch Scripting Language also Batch-Man made first and one library system which named BatCenter.

Ah. My bad. I read the message on Discord as bash.

I don’t believe anyone has discussed batch. All tracks are built by volunteers. @GroophyLifefor , are you interested in building and maintaining a new track? Can batch run on Linux?

No problem, everyone can make mistakes. I can fully maintain Batch Scripting Language track since I have a document how can I do in this platform and somebody helps me when I get stuck. Batch Scripting Language not made for linux, It’s microsoft made and so Anti-Unix, but a friend who darkbatcher remade windows terminal and iirc it works on linux too well, if you wanna search that remade it’s named as picobat and repo from @github/darkbatcher/picobat .

I don’t plan on writing any batch scripts, but if you’re going to build the track, you’re going to need to b get it working on Linux in docker.

You might want to start by reading the docs around building a new track: New Track | Exercism's Docs

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The linked docs have instructions on starting a new track. Those include a first step, which is filing a request on the forum.

I thought this topic was a request?

Does this topic match what the instructions tell you to do? It doesn’t seem to align with the required categories. You may want to double check the instructions and make sure you’re following them closely :slight_smile:

Would wine work for running the bat file inside a Linux Docker image? I’m also not aware of a testing framework for this language so you may need to make one from scratch. That’s a non-trivial effort.

Yes, it is possible to run the .bat files under a Linux system. Using WINE will get you most of the way there.

Official help pages available with cmd /? at the terminal for options that are useful for batch scripts.

Okey, my bad, I see the point.
Here new Topic:

Also Batch doesn’t has a testing framework. Since this is not an OOP language, the tests will probably proceed by checking variables.

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OOP and test frameworks are not related. Tracks like awk, bash, etc do testing by running programs and capturing the STDOUT, which might be similar to what you need here.

This could be a useful starting point (fork and extend):

DOS Batch Unit Test

Good to see interest in starting this track. Prior commitments prevent me offering help at this point.

Good luck.

It’s a good idea, can we move this idea to new Topic?

Also @abjoria found really good way to test cases, but as I said, can we move to Track related Topic.