Booking up for Beauty: Better explanations for tasks

I agree that there is good learning in having different formats required for different functions, but the comments provided should hint to that by stating an example input (not one that is on the tests as to discourage cheating the tests, but ones that are representative of the format) so there is less confusion when first starting the exercise.

Just for context, these are the instructions of the booking-up-for-beauty concept exercise:

@JayZeeeS Do you have an idea how to improve the instructions?

Personally I found the instruction easy to understand and I think the examples made the required format obvious. And even if I had missed that at first, I would’ve probably caught it when the tests failed and I had to re-read the task.
But that’s really just me, I might not be representative here.

[Edit: corrected the link]

I had my head down in my editor for this and my big mistake was assuming the expected dates would all have the same format so that I could REUSE the Schedule function. Previous exercises on the go track seemed to encourage code re-use so I thought the same would be true here. There is nothing in the code comments that indicate each function expects different date formats so maybe it could be made more clear there.