Bug fix for Ellen's Alien game in python


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I’ve noticed a bug in Ellen’s Allien game tests, where they would pass when they shouldn’t. I opened a github PR but it was autocloses by the bot, suggesting I’d post about it in here.

I would appreciate a review, its an one liner change with a proper commit message. I’d be happy to help any way I can the maintainers if anything comes up during review.

Thanks for all the thankless and hard work over the years! Feel free to review it when you get a breather, there is no rush.

A fellow oss maintainer :)

This is a good catch!

  1. Given that the repo is not accepting PRs at this time, it might be better to ask if the maintainers are interested in a PRs rather than asking that they review a PR.
  2. If there is an interest in a PR, rather than having zip raise an exception with a potentially confusing message, it might be better to explicitly tests lengths and have an exception message more tailored to the exercise.

Indeed you are right, I was assuming it was more related of along the lines of new contributions/features rather than tiny bugfixes, but I shouldn’t have.

Yea I that’s a good idea, I wouldn’t mind doing that.