Contributing - wrong author name in config.json


my first larger contribution was merged, and I noticed I got +12 reputation (x:rep/medium) but not additional +20 (Writing an exercise). After my small investigation, I found out I made a mistake and set my Exercism name as the author (./meta/config.json) instead of my GitHub name.

Sources for my investigation:

Is there a way to fix it, or I have to be more careful and RTM next time? :)

Have you linked the two together on

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Yes, they are.
I get reputation for created PRs, but not for authoring.
That’s why I think it’s related with the name problem.

It could be due to some database locking issues we have too

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@ErikSchierboom I’ve noticed some lagging with reputation being added when solving exercises. But that’s usually minutes. If this is what you mean.

In this case it’s a few hours already. But I got +12 rep immediately (joohan's contributions to Exercism), while other authors get also +20 (MichaelBunker's contributions to Exercism).

But other authors cleverly use the same name on here and GitHub, which I don’t
And reading the sources later, I gave the wrong name :confused:

Maybe related:

Well, the contributions are different, so they get different rep, or wasn’t that your point?

I fixed the author and luckily it fixed my problem.
Problem solved :slight_smile:


@ee7-1282 We could consider adding a check to configlet (maybe CI-only?) to check if usernames are valid github usernames.