Create new track for GDScript

Yeah, I think a custom solution may be the best here. I will see if I can do some digging around to get the error message of an error run.

Test code, should more or less be just these "test_name": "Test One", "args": [1, 2], "expected": 3, {"test_name": "Test Two", "args": [10, 20], "expected": 30} and binding them to their test in the json file. Thereby shouldn’t be too hard, and I think that is the best approach. Output is not a requirement, a lot of tracks don’t have it and I personally really love having an output, but it could be quite a big nightmare to implement. So perhaps a skip.

But personally, I have not looked too much at godot 4, but since it has been released we should try to make so the track isn’t too hard to move over to that version (meaning we don’t build up something and then it has to be totally rewritten). I am personally not up on the “breaking” changes but just try to keep that in mind.

But otherwise, I think creating a docker file is a good next step.

Nice :slight_smile: I was also thinking about Godot 4 … Now with an official release, and with some fixes coming up shortly, I think it might be a good idea to start with v4 instead of v3.5.1. This would have an additional aspect of helping people get started with the new version of the engine. Everyone in the community is super excited about this release and they are porting everything they have to Godot 4 now (I do the same :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The syntax is a bit different, but I think it’s mostly stuff like exports, signals etc. that are not going to be used in these exercises.

I was actually thinking of suggesting starting of with godot 4. I think that it may be the best path, and will make this track have an easier time to grow.

Good news! I just checked Godot v4.0.1 and the runner works with 2 small changes:

  • JSON.print() needs to be replaced with JSON.stringify()
  • there is no headless version of the binary, instead there is a --headless flag

So, I would say we can proceed with Godot 4 ;) Who do I ping to create a test runner repository?

Sounds good, I have been sick for the last few days, so been very unproductive. I am on my way to getting better though and should be able to return to my usual schedule at the end of the week.

I think pinging @ErikSchierboom or @kytrinyx is the most suited person for creating a repo.