Did someone say #12in23 badges...?


Nice, I love badges.

Is it “until February”? Or “all five exercises have to be started and completed in the month of February”?

Does it cover the languages from the spreadsheets? Because there are ways to use a rather “un-functional” language like Java in a functional way.

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The code suggests to me that it is in february.

I shouldn’t be, of course, but I notice I am a bit discouraged by this to solve exercises before the start of relevant months.

It should be in February yes.


Is it supposed to trigger on the 5th one completed? I just finished my 5th Elixir exercise but nothing has popped so far.

Did you publish them? I think that’s a requirement

I’m a bit late to the party; did I miss out on a January badge (if such a thing exists)? This thread makes it pretty clear that you can only earn monthly badges during the respective months, which makes sense, but is unfortunate for us latecomers. If I start the #12in23 challenge now (i.e., in February), can I still get the associated badge mentioned in The #12in23 Challenge! announcement?

I think that’s exactly correct. It showed as completed (on the one you were helping me with a moment ago), but it popped once I published. Thank you.

You would have done, but one doesn’t exist for January. We’re going to create an early-bird #12in23 badge for January for those who joined early and helped us raise awareness, rather than a topic-based one.

These badges are going to be monthly badges not just attached to 2023. So you can get Functional February badge for 2022, 2023, or 2024, etc. So for people starting in September they could effective start #12in23 then, then get the badges for the months the subsequent Feb/March/April.

So already Functional February is part of the #12in23 challenge, there’s a difference between #12in23 badges (for completing 12 languages during the year) and the monthly badges (which count across years).

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I see! I’m glad to hear that monthly badges can be earned in following years if they’re missed; that ought to satisfy the completionist in me. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for clarifying!