Exercises for developing a style

Hi everybody. It is known that any language solves problems in its own way. Haskell and Python style are different (this is my personal opinion :grinning:) and when learning a new language, you need to feel it in terms of syntax and ways of application. I have just started learning the R language and would like to ask those who have been programming in it for a long time: are there any examples of good code in R that are worth studying and should be compared to?


I am not at all an R expert, or even a proficient user, having used it only a short amount of time. Still, I dare say at least this:

  • Many people are enthusiastic about everything by Hadley Wickham and from the Tidyverse, which I have seen many people recommend to study.
  • This language review is very good and might offer insight into best practices.
  • R is not a single language. There’s Tidyverse, plus the various dialects of ‘base-r’ produced by R’s version of the Lisp Curse.