Exercism swag, import duty?

Since exercism is a Uk based company. It is thereby outside of the EU. I have had experiences when I have purchasing items outside of EU that you have to pay an extra import duty. So my question is: is there an import duty buying from exercism for an eu citizen?

Hey @Meatball - thanks for the query.

As far as I am aware, all the import duties and taxes are already factored in to the cost so you shouldn’t have to pay anything in addition for the release of items from customs.

Perhaps @andrerfcsantos could shed some light on his experience as he is in the EU and recently received a couple of items?

As far as I understand, the origin of the items depends from the vendor that is used internally by Shopify to sell the item, it does not depend on where exercism is based.

I had items come from the US and there was no import duty from me. Some items were held in customs for some days, but they were automatically released without me needing to submit any paperwork or payment, which usually happens. I’m based in Portugal, not sure if it’s the same in other countries.

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Thanks @andrerfcsantos for the swift response!

Thanks for your response.
I just have had experinces that when I bought something for 40$ from the us. Then I first have to pay tax on that, then shipping for like 10-15$ and then I have to pay import duty. All of these “hidden” fees got up to like 30$.

Although I like the appraoch there tax is included in the product listing. Which is present on exercisms store and shipping isn’t crazy. Well worst case scenario I guess is I have to pay 7$ in import duty