Feedback on "Electric Bill"

It feels like a decision has to be taken and I don’t want to have to pick one over another. I have a pretty neutral standpoint on this. I say that either you come up with some kind of agreement on which way to go, or I will have to ask a third party to make a decision.

Go with the linters suggestion, since the W or w won’t change the math.

We have come to the decision to roll back the exercise while we think about rewrites, revisions, or a replacement.
While Currency Exchange is not an ideal exercise, it’s not quite as problematic as this one currently is.
If any of you would like to suggest re-writes, we’d welcome them in this GH issue. But please offer suggestions on restructuring/rewriting that both meet the goals of the exercise and concept, as well as where it is positioned on the Python track
Thank you for your understanding and help.

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