First impression: the OOP is strong with this one ^_^

i’m looking at this video¹ on Pharo and right out the gate, it speaks of ‘packages’, ‘classes’ and ‘methods’. What’s new to me is ‘protocol’.

Also this is probably the preferred programming language of Emperor Palpatine because in order to execute code, you have to say ‘Do it’!
(i’ll show myself out.)

  1. Pharo Tutorial Series — Lesson 1, Getting Started - YouTube

Hi @matari-dev! Not a huge fan of Star wars, but I’m glad you’ve try to “Do it” :) I use much more “Inspect it” or even “Debug it”. Do-its is for code that you’re absolutely sure they do and you aren’t interested about do-it result…
Anyway! Protocols are method categorizations - it is just convention to write a code organized in method protocols (they are widely used). If you like Pharo essence, you could try, where are several videos from core community members - it is for few days maybe weeks. One that you’ve posted is just short intro.