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Hi! First post, and I was directed here by the robot that auto-closed my PR and informed me about Freeing our maintainers

I just started using Exercism, and would like to be able to contribute on a larger scale once I get used to using the platform. This PR was just the first thing I noticed I can contribute to :slight_smile:

What is the preferred workflow for me to contribute to the Typescript track when I want to contribute? I basically just tried to fork and create a pull request using my personal github account and then ran into the auto-close issue with the bot. Here is a link to my PR Fix typo in by WigglyDon · Pull Request #1385 · exercism/typescript · GitHub

Fixed a grammatical error under Checking your installation

You generally to to open a new terminal...
You generally need to open a new terminal...

Hey! :)

Thanks for wanting to contribute and for doing so! :slight_smile:

  1. Discuss changes you want to make here
  2. Put together PRs if they’re conceptually approved on here (and tell us on here that you’ve done so)
  3. We’ll reopen/review/merge the PR
  4. Get to a point where you’re “trusted” (ie you understand exercism’s ecosystem, you put together high quality PRs, etc) and we add you to the org and they no longer get closed automatically :slight_smile:
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Awesome, thank you!