Functional February in Elixir

Done! After completing the Haskell track recently, Elixir was a standout next step to broaden my FP skills. I dearly missed the static typing of Haskell, but didn’t at all miss the idealism (which, to be fair, is also the main attraction of Haskell for me!).

The syllabus for Elixir is amazingly rich. At the time Haskell had no syllabus, so that was quite a step up. But it was funny that in order to complete the 5 recommended puzzles for Functional Feb (highly appreciated, BTW), I had to complete 19 prerequisites to unlock them! So all in all I think I got a great sense of the language, especially reviewing other submissions after I made mine.

Wonderful event! Kudos to the organisers.


Hi @liteyear - thanks so much for the kind words and for more importantly completing the challenge this month.

We’re really enjoying the #12in23 Challenge and great to see that it’s opened up some more avenues of exploration for you!

Keep us posted about how things are going and really appreciate the time taken to feedback.

That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for the encouragement!

You have recommended several exercises for functional feb, but most of them are locked in the Elixir track. Is there a way to access the recommended exercises without having to do the Elixir track in sequence?

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Welcome to the forum!

Yes, on the track page, you can “Disable learning mode”, by clicking on the there dots:

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Great! Thanks!

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Another question if I may: there’s no yatch exercise in the Elixir track. Is there an equivalent one so I can get the badge (completion of the suggested exercises per month) at the end of the year ;)

You can do the exercises in any of the other featured languages: Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Haskell, OCaml, Scala, SML or Gleam. (see this forum post).

I know these definitely have the yacht exercise: