Haxe Language Track

Back in 2020, I tried to help set up a new Exercism language track for the Haxe programming language, but then COVID got in the way and I had a bunch of life changes. At the time Exercism was also in the middle of the big v2 to v3 migration, which also made things confusing for me personally. Obviously since then V3 has been fully released and is stable as heck!

So, with newfound motivation/energy, I’d like to collab with some folks on Exercism’s Haxe track.

Any interest? :smile:

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I thought about this track a few days ago (and it is in the picture when I sent an exercism link). I am up for helping but at the moment I can’t commit to any sort of major role (I will not have the time to “push” the track forward), I could help out with various stuff like adding exercises, reviewing stuff (if that is wanted) or just helping out in general.


The Pyret track is almost ready for launch so I can probably help a bit. Where are you currently with the track? Katrina has a launch checklist (example at Launch tracking · Issue #1 · exercism/pyret · GitHub).

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I think this list of tasks is still relevant? cc @ErikSchierboom

I assume most of these can be done in parallel, but the next one one the list is “Add prerequisites to Practice Exercises”.

There are still some tests that need to be synced for a few slugs.

Reformat exercise config files by kytrinyx · Pull Request #225 · exercism/haxe · GitHub was approved by Erik previously but should be merged in. That should fix my issue at Configlet fmt warnings · Issue #239 · exercism/haxe · GitHub.

Something I should have asked @Nezteb earlier, but would you be interested in being a maintainer for the track? The track has two maintainers, but they don’t appear to have been recently active in this repo. Having an active maintainer now would be a benefit since there’s a backlog of PRs to review / update. I don’t have write access to these PRs but I could send you patches for a few to get them over the line.

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I think this list of tasks is still relevant?

It might be. The most recent docs are to be found here: New Track | Exercism's Docs

I assume most of these can be done in parallel, but the next one one the list is “Add prerequisites to Practice Exercises” .

I would probably look into the many open exercise PRs to see if they make sense: Pull requests · exercism/haxe · GitHub

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I’ll start working on some of those PR reviews since I have write access now.

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I actually think I used to be a maintainer in 2020 but was inactive for the aforementioned reasons and was removed. :sweat_smile:

I’m not opposed to being a maintainer, at least until the track is fully released and more stable! :smile:

(cc @ErikSchierboom to action :slight_smile:)

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You have a GitHub invite for joining the Haxe team and I’ve made you a maintainer in our DB.

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This is largely done except for a few stragglers.

I’d like to work on the issue with the test runner’s top-level status next. That can of course be done in parallel with adding/updating prerequisites for the 60 practice exercises.

Strings and arrays show up as a prerequisite 18 and 12 times respectively so I’d like to drop all those occurrences and start fresh picking a max of 10 exercises for each. The other existing prerequisites can be updated on a case-by-case basis.

I’d also like to set some initial exercise difficulties since the vast majority are a difficulty of one. Haxe and C# are superficially similar so I’m thinking perhaps we start with C#'s difficulty levels for each practice exercise to get the ball rolling and then we fine-tune from there.

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