Hello World exercise prefilled

Hi there!

Have had a little experience in python and very little - almost a glimpse in C and javascript (couple of exercises elsewhere over the years).

Found this platform by searching for free online assembly courses (had a random idea to try to learn assembly.

The instruction in the first exercise are very minimal but the study material is supplied. Decided to watch a lecture on YouTube before doing the exercise.

When I checked the web editor, all the code was prefilled, only the string to be outputted is not “hello world”.

Is this a bug? Also would ask for suggestion on how to study Assembly effectively.

Hi there,
I am coming from other tracks.
That is not a bug, it is the same for any track.
The hello word exercise should give you an idea, how the whole exercism cli and testing works.

If you submit the hello word exercise, you can already start with more “real” programming exercises :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


This is indeed as designed. The goal of the hello world exercise is not to teach anything about the language, but just to get you started.