Hints or help with Sublist exercise

I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock with the Sublist exercise. subset doesn’t help because order doesn’t matter with sets. There’s no iteration category in the syllabus for CL here, so I don’t know whether I’m expected to use loop for element-by-element comparisons. All I’ve got so far is a cond for whether two lists are equal and a t clause at the end for unequal. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious or else this exercise should be labelled something other than Easy. Thanks for any hints or pointers.

List a is a sublist of list b, if a is a prefix of any of bs tails.

So we’re talking a recursive function comparing a to successive CDRs of b?

Thanks. Your definition put me on the road to a solution. Not sure if it’s best. I’ll submit and look at others’.

Thanks @nobbz for the giving a good hint.

@Norvell RE: exercise difficulty of ‘easy’. - I never have set the difficulty level of any of the exercises. Over the years there have been attempts to do so but they never stuck. Most exercises are likely set to ‘easy’ not because they are easy but because that was the arbitrary difficulty level set. Sorry for any confusion caused.

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I didn’t intend to come across as angry or upset about the difficulty rating. All apologies if I did so. I guess I’m still learning that Exercism isn’t necessarily a “closed system” — that is, we’re expected to search sources other than what’s provided just on the site here. Thanks for all you do here.

No worries - I understand your confusion about the difficulty levels (you are not the first).

Yes, this is not a close site and this track (Common Lisp) definitely is not. It started as a collection of small exercises to help play with Common Lisp and now maybe it is attempting to teach people the language… a big difference!