I have problem with my online editor

I have a macbook air-13 OS, when I click on the “Online editor” button, the page in safari loads, but the whole page is white, there is no editor.

  • Does it work in private browsing mode?
  • Do you have another browser you can test in?
  • Can you try a hard/force refresh?
  1. no, it’s the same in private mode
  2. I tried another browser, and it’s staying same, just white page
  3. yes, I tried, but it didn’t help

Could you please share a screenshot of your console (Cmd+Option+C in Safari, or Cmd+Option+J in Chrome, or right click → inspect element) when you open the editor?


I solved the problem, now I have access to editor. The reason was the old version of Safari, I updated the OS and the site started working.

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Awesome! Thanks for letting us know.

I have the same problem on Safari Version 15.6.1 (15613., 15613) on macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 (19H2026).

Do I need to update my system? What are the minimum requirements for a Mac?

Hi, which version of Safari did you update to?
I’m on 16.2 but having the same issue as you.
I’m also using macOS Ventura Version 13.1

Hey @cs314, check out this thread:

this is the main problem:

the problem is related to your Safari version. One of the highlight.js language functions uses a lookbehind regex pattern, which is only supported in Safari versions 16.4 and later.