I'm not getting any emails from exercism

My email:

I’ve created my account via github integration. The email in my profile is correct. I have email notifications set to receive emails on exercise activities, but no emails are coming in.
What I’ve tried was:

  • changing the email preferences, → they got saved but still no emails are sent to me
  • signing out and trying forgot password option → no email got sent to me
  • resending confirmation email → got information that my email is already confirmed
  • Checked my email filters → exercism is not excluded / ignored / blocked
  • Checked the spam folder → nothing

The last email I’ve received from exercism was on 04.04.2020 from hello@mail.exercism.io address

Hello. At some point in the past you marked us as spam. This means that our mail provider (correctly) blocks us from sending you any further emails. I’ve now removed you from our suppression list so you’ll get emails in future :slightly_smiling_face:


And sorry for the trouble! :)

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No problem! :)

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Please can you check if I’m on the suppression list too? I don’t recall ever marking exercism email as spam, but then my phone and pocket do strange things sometimes. :blush:

Thank you!

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Too relatable :smiley:

Nudge @iHiD — I’m still not receiving notifications.
Thanks !