Insiders Page Preview is Up. Check your status!

By the “bar” is gone, I meant the thing I screenshotted. On Exercism I don’t see my status or eligibility, and on my profile (SleeplessByte's profile on Exercism) I also don’t see flair.

Oh, ok, this alert box thing. It’s still there on my side. Waiting to get access. :sunglasses:

@SleeplessByte You’re in a weird state. You have insider access to check dark mode, but not of the actual things have been run for you. I’ll revert your status when we push live, and you can push the button manually :slight_smile:

It’ll be a few (long!) hours yet though :slight_smile:

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I figured as much which is why you have not been pinged ;)

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Consider yourself lucky that you’ve not got access inside Insiders yet :wink:


But I’m waiting impatiently. :see_no_evil:

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@iHiD While it works for me on the website after launching, I lost my supermentors tag on Discord.

Just in case there is an underlying bug that I cannot identify: Before “go-live” I was told that I’d have Lifetime Insiders access, and I currently have the badge, but my flair has the “simple” insiders icon (compared to the Sparkling heart one).

Thanks for reporting. IIRC there was a bug there at launch, but should be fixed now.

@ErikSchierboom Maybe you could check things are working as expected now, and ensure people who should have the lifetime badge (for active_lifetime) have got it.

I didn’t realize I was supposed to have a sparkly heart. I’m fine with this one, really :stuck_out_tongue:


It still looks like this :point_up: to me. But DJ has a sparkly one.

Also, it seems like Insiders needs to have been accepted for the icon to become visible?


(I’m guessing Erik hasn’t yet, just like DJ seems to have waited a bit, previously.)

Didn’t realize some have a sparkly heart. Have lifetime but the normal on my profile, too.

Same here, but pretty sure it will get ironed out.

Why are you all checking my profile hahaha

The first time was when I wished to check a sure Insider (for perhaps I was a corner case). Today I checked it again because I remembered your profile not having the icon yet; I wished to use it as an example but as it turned out I had to fall back on Erik’s.

Or something like that, anyway. I looked around a bunch; I do not remember the exact order.

Fixed now! There was indeed a bug that we’ve since fixed. I’ve manually rerun the flair updating and you now have the right flair (as well as any other lifetime insiders).

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Fixed now!

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Is there any scope to base eligibility on cumulative donations? It’s more convenient for me to give a larger amount annually to reduce the number of transactions (like I did in Feb).

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Hey @pragnanz-eu. Yes there is. If you check the FAQs on Exercism (in Incognito if you’re an Insider), it explains more there :slight_smile:

I’ve reproduced below. You can also just buy Premium on an annual subscription if you’d rather take that approach :)

You can also gain access to Insiders by donating.

  • For donations before we launched Premium, you get one month of Insiders for every $9.99 donated, from the date that Premium launched, plus one extra bonus month. So if you donated $35 before Premium launched, you’d get Insiders access through June, July, August and September 2023.
  • For donations after we launched Premium, you get one month of Insiders for every $25 donated. So if you donate $50 today, you’ll have access for the next two months.
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So, does donating and Premium subscription go into the same pot?

Yes. Lands in the same bank account.