Instructions in Erlang\Saddle Points are unclear or corrupted

The final/bottom portion of the instructions would appear to be intended to outline, among other things, the basic format of the ‘matrix’ for input. But the presentation is not clear. (See the screenshot below for reference).

As shown in the screenshot there is a line that looks like this:

|------------1 | 9 8 7 8 2 | 5 3 2 4 <—potential tree house at row 2, column 1, for tree with height 5 3 | 6 6 7 |

I don’t know if this is supposed to be some commonly known or uncommon notation; but the overall result is simply confusing. Even if the pipe symbols ( | ) are meant to be row separators the columns count in each row would be different… which is wrong…or else I am missing something…

The larger circle (red) encapsulates the entire lower portion. The inner circle (blue) encapsulates the more specific portion described above.


This was fixed upstream in [saddle points] Fix formatting in example grid by psobolik · Pull Request #2275 · exercism/problem-specifications · GitHub

Erlang probably needs someone to run a configlet sync :slight_smile:

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@ErikSchierboom / others: Do you want a Haskell PR to sync things?


The Saddle Points in Haskell on Exercism page renders fine, but the code is wrong. Did the Haskell track travel ahead in Time, or what am I missing?

Never mind, the code that is rendered on the website is the previous version (before Katrina’s revision) of the instructions.

I’d happily review a Haskell sync.

Thanks, @MatthijsBlom !

See Sync exercise docs for most exercises by IsaacG · Pull Request #1178 · exercism/haskell · GitHub

Should you be listed in the Haskell team?

I am not an official maintainer. Are there other potential reasons for inclusion?

Based on the PR history, you seemed pretty active on helping maintain the track. If you’re doing the PR review, I thought it made sense that you’d be a maintainer. :person_shrugging:

I’ve approved and merged!

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