Introducing: The Universal Test Runner!

Correct. COBOL is an example: cobol/exercises/practice/collatz-conjecture at main · exercism/cobol · GitHub

Awesome! I’ve done a quick audit of all of the tracks to see what sort of edge cases there are:

Most tracks use a simple, static command. A few have platform-specific instructions, but fewer than I would have expected.

Some have more complex setups, including multiple commands or additional requirements. We should be able to handle some of them, but I’m willing to ship without some of the trickier cases (don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, etc).

Finally, a few get run via an IDE or similar; I think those are out of scope for now.

I’ve pushed an update to my PR that covers basic platform-specific features. I’ll flesh out the other simple commands either tonight or next week.

Yeah. Later on, we can output a message that such a track doesn’t support exercism test.

Do you have an example of the configuration file?

I’ve got both the “not supported” message and examples of track configurations in my PR: Add `test` command to run any unit test by xavdid · Pull Request #1092 · exercism/cli · GitHub

Or do you mean a different configuration file?

I’ve reviewed the PR (I don’t know Go, so someone else has to do that).

:open_mouth: OMG the first crack in the facade! :wink:

@iHiD this functionality was just released in 3.2.0 of the CLI as exercism test! It’s a full re-implementation in go and covers nearly every track (all but 5, I think).

I’ll be updating my standalone tool to defer to the exercism CLI if present. I’ll also write up a post on my blog about the feature and post it here when it’s ready.

Thank you for the idea and Erik for working with me on the implementation and code review! Excited for people to use this.


Amazing! That’s very exciting :slight_smile:

I’m off for a few days, but I’ll shout about it when I’m back!

Don’t worry, I’ve just posted: Version 3.2.0 of the CLI has been released

All right, blog post about the project is live!


Lovely! Let’s definitely do a video with you, me and Erik this week about this! I’ll ping you on Discord :slight_smile:

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