Linking solutions to Approaches

Hello :wave:

As part of our work on improving community solutions, we now automatically link solutions to approaches automatically based on their tags. These show up on right hand side of a community solution, and will also show up on a student’s solution page.

You can see an example on Erik’s solution to Darts on C#: ErikSchierboom's solution for Darts in C# on Exercism

At the moment, C# is the only track outputting tags so this only shows up for C# but once track maintainers have finished creating the tag training data for their languages, we’ll start to use machine learning to do this automatically, and backport old solutions to have their approach assigned.

Approaches are linked to tags via a tags key to the .approaches/config.json file in an exercise. The docs are here (search for tags on that page if the anchor doesn’t work) and as an example, the file that powered the Darts example above can be seen here.

If you’d like to write Approaches for any exercises, now is a better time than every before! :grin: Docs for writing approaches are here!