Mentoring: Are Notifications Down?

Currently I’m a mentoring session (C++, nth prime) where my mentor hasn’t responded for more than a week after his initial comment, although I have written several comments and submitted two more working iterations.
I suspect there might be an issue with the mentoring system akin to this one.
Also in the beginning, there was an incorrect sign of it being my turn to respond like here. This is fixed now, but still my messages seem to go under the radar.
I’d appreciate if you investigated into this and/or give me a hint what I might be doing wrong.

I have received an update message this morning and also through the rest of the week. I don’t think it is broken in general.

Your mentor might have been away from the computer for unforeseen reasons, it does not have to be an error in the system. If you want to finish the session you can always close the current one and start a new session.