Mentoring in #12in23

In the following post @MatthijsBlom helps to map out the recommended exercises for each themed month during #12in23.

One of the challenges that emerged as a result of the topic, is how mentoring will be facilitated in upcoming months on some of the specific language tracks.

Please use this thread to discuss anything to do with mentoring in #12in23.


Mentoring will be a challenge.

@glennj I moved your post the topic, on request from @MatthijsBlom to this thread where mentoring can be discussed in more detail.

Crystal isnt featured until October, but currently there is problems with mentors, there isnt coming in a ton of mentoring request but under some periods there is no other mentors so I am the only mentor.

I would really appricate more mentors to the crystal track.

I am (I believe) the only active mentor for: Pharo, Lua, Tcl, jq. I am apprehensive about the months where they are featured.

I will make the effort to reach out to some of the Pharo and Tcl communities to try and recruit. Evangelizing is a bit out of my comfort zone,


Yeah, I mean there aren’t too many mentoring requests coming in for crystal, I guess I am just a bit inefficient when it comes to mentoring. And there are other mentors at times, but at some times there are not so I am not alone in a sense.

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One thing I would say about these months is that we’re driving more experienced language devs into exercism as well as newbies to those languages. So I’d expect more potential-metnors coming into Exercism during those months as well as students.

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Is there a way to see how many active mentors there are? I stopped looking at mentoring last year in C# track when it was a race to pick up a student, they were disappearing that quickly from the queue at some point. The page says there are 1598 mentors right now which is a bit demotivating to even try, but then once in a while I look there and see requests sat int he queue for many hours, sometimes a day. I pick them up then, but how is that possible with 1598 mentors on the track and less than 100 mentoring requests a day across Exercism (something @iHiD mentioned in another thread)?

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Yes, sort of.

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That, sort of, solves my problem! Thanks a lot @MatthijsBlom

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I definitely feel less alone now! :tada:


Would it make sense to add “mentors active last month” or something like this to the /build page? Of course that number alone doesn’t say much because there might be just very little mentoring requests. But including the number of mentoring requests last month would solve that.

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I keep an eye on the jq queue, along with bash, awk, Python.