Missing featured exercises (with heart symbol)

creating the tests can be a bit tedious. I usually import the canonical data into the solution file and then use my editor’s (vim) recording feature to automate the repetitive stuff.

But then you get to do the really fun part: solve it. Note that the reference solution doesn’t have to be a perfect solution: the purpose of the reference solution is to prove the problem can be solved.

I’m just a bystander in this, but where did the generator script come into this? The original goal was to implement a single exercise, largest-series-product. Making a generator script can be a hard thing to get right, and different tracks have different approaches so this might be better as a separate PR / discussion after largest-series-product is ported. I wouldn’t want you to bite off more than you can chew.

Hello, András!

Two posts about test generator tool are deleted and moved to separate discussion to clean up this discussion a bit.

The tests are generated with the newly written generator. The reference solution is written. Changes are pushed to the repository.

Regenerated all the test after updating the test generator.

Updated the unit tests for exercise following the recommendations from @BNAndras - thank you!