🎙️NEW COMMUNITY STORY - Entrepreneurial by Design with Taiyab Raja

:studio_microphone:NEW COMMUNITY STORY ALERT :tada:

Are you obsessed with pioneering into the unknown? Are you ‘Entrepreneurial By Design’?

Taiyab Raja (who some of you may be familiar with) sat down with me recently to chat. He is undoubtedly a chronic Entrepreneur, who also happens to be the Principal Product Designer at Exercism and Kaido.

He sheds some light on what it was like to grow up in the UK as a third generation migrant and how he took hold of the opportunities that presented themselves.

The designs that many, many users enjoy on a daily basis come from the thought and creative zest of Taiyab.

This interview was really fun and insightful.

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I really enjoyed this :grinning:

It was really eye opening to hear about how much work was involved behind the scenes for v3. The end result is benefitting so many people and hearing him explain it enables a level of appreciation that is truly deserved. Thanks a lot!

I shared it on Mastodon with the exercism hashtag along with Taiyab’s LinkedIn. I hope your next role is super cool :sunglasses:

PS I also really like the idea of needing to begin a large project with a measure of naivety, otherwise we would be so daunted we would never start anything!


Hey @porkostomus - so glad you enjoyed it! It was awesome interviewing @taiyab and there is so much we could have talked about further.

I also enjoyed the idea of being naive when entering large projects, that was a useful way to conceptualise things and I recognise that in my own experience as well!