New Track Introduction videos

Hey everyone :wave:

Throughout the year we’re going to be adding Track Introduction videos to every track (generally during or before the month they feature in 12in23). They’ll appear on the external track pages and the track dashboards (see images below).

The first one has just been released for F#. Please take a watch and tell us how we can refine them moving forward (Erik loves feedback!):


This is everything I wrote down while watching it.

Edit: I should note that I was pleasantly surprised by the length.

There’s an echo. It doesn’t bother me though.

Various «show, don’t tell»s (possibly incomplete; I stopped writing them down):

  • When talking about syntax, show syntax.
  • Editor convenience can be shown on screen.
  • As a Haskeller I should probably have an advantage here, but the bit about active patterns did not make sense to me. I would have liked them shown.
  • Type providers: show them please!

By «show» here I do not mean a tour, but background visuals. Just a quick impression (screenshot?) of syntax , just a quick impression of editor interaction (look, squigles and tooltips), just some visual support during a mention of active patterns / type providers (e.g. before/after-like comparison of (not) using these features). Minimal stuff; the script might not even need to be changed.

Beware using unfamiliar terms (discriminated unions, sum types, type system, type annotations). They might not be readily explainable, but their qualities probably are, and that these qualities are especially valued might be something the viewer wants to know.

Simple syntax or simple semantics? I suspect Erik thinks F# has both. They are not the same however. Semantics seem more important to me. Even Python, noted for its nice syntax, suffers from tricky semantics. C++ is an extreme example: its syntax is much simpler than its semantics.

I like Erik’s pronunciation of Char :+1:

Holding the book in front of the camera while visible only in the tiny corner, mirrored.

Book giveaway: should this message be in this video?