No badge even though exercises are done?


I have already did previously this year full MIPS assembly track and full x86-64 assembly track. Why am I not getting the November badge?

Hello. You get the badge for completing 5 assembly exercises during November. Have you done that?

For the november badge, you need to publish any 5 solutions in those tracks during november. The noted ones are for the year long badge.

And let’s suppose that I did webassembly track as well (luckily I did not). What then?

Unluckily, I have finished MIPS and x86-64 before.

I think you can game the system by leaving (+ reset the track) and rejoin it to publish them again, make sure to copy your solution first.
Also in the rare case where you have solved and publish all of them in all available tracks (which is very possible for this month), you can probably request the badge.

You could port 5 new exercises to the tracks, solve them, and get the badge?

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And how do I contribute the new exercises (I’d like to)? I thought PRs were closed. Did I miss something?

Unsolicited PRs are closed. PRs that are pre-agreed are very welcome! (We’ve added twice as many exercises this year since we closed unsolicited PRs) :slight_smile:

If you start a new thread here asking for any guidance/advice, then I’m sure lots of people will enjoy helping you get some PRs merged! :slight_smile:

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I have started a thread about possible bug, and I have received exactly zero replies. Was it in the wrong place?

No, it was my first day back off holiday, which means I probably came back to literally hundreds of notifications, so it just got missed. Sorry. Putting it in the programming/fortran category may have more elicited views from other maintainers who subscribe to “programming”. Things in bugs tend to be website things and so most maintainers are not subscribed there.