Opinions on programming journey

Hello, I’m curious if there is anyone closely studying cloud/network infrastructure and software engineering who could add on to the roadmap that I am going through (I study better through a structured way). The long-term goal for the next couple years is to get become decently knowledgeable in both fields.

Currently I’m studying frontend engineering via a curriculum I found online which teaches CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and React, but I’d like to know what else to study and any resources that may be associated with them (would be great if the resources that are suggested are free; this also applies to the other topics I’m about to mention down below).

After going through the frontend engineering curriculum, I am going to get into backend engineering, which I’m guessing I could pick up with a language like Java or Rust, which I could practice through Exercism.

Next would be learning a cloud provider like AWS.

What else would I have to worry about and learn? Also, if there are any mentors who’d like to talk with me via Discord about my future plans, do let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read to the end and hope to get some thoughtful replies!

I’d throw Terraform into the mix as something to learn. Reading through Exercism’s terraform and trying to understand it all would be a good adventure: GitHub - exercism/terraform

In general, I’d say that cloud infrastructure and programming are two very different areas. They’re two parts of the same whole, but quite distinct. It’s a bit like in getting a carrot from seed to shelf - you have to make the thing (farming / programming) and then also get it to market (sales / infrastructure). Knowing about carrots helps you sell well, and knowing about software helps you deploy well, but they’re quite separate skillsets.

There’s also different types of knowledge at different points of the stack. For example, writing a Dockerfile involves a lot of knowledge, not so much about Docker but about how Linux (or whatever OS) works, and about how to efficiently run a single piece of software, but then running that Dockerfile on Kubenetics or Fargate or whatever is yet another level.

Not sure if that’s helpful, but I’d say just building and deploying things on AWS is how I’ve learnt a lot of what I’ve learnt, so I’d recommend the same.