Paid option for companies?

Hi all
I really like the way Exercism is put together, and the quality seems excellent.
I am actually researching options for the small company I work for.
They are keen on an advanced training program ( for Go in particular )with clear certification , and would be happy to pay for that.
As far as I can see , Exercism is not really geared towards that, being more donations focussed . That wouldnt really be a problem , however it’s not clear what exactly the certification will consist of beyond badges on the exercism site.
Thanks for any response!
Ben Amato

Hey Ben :slight_smile:

We don’t have any certification - our focus has always been on people learning stuff well rather than getting a certificate at the end. As such, we don’t invest in anti-cheating mechansims or other such things that are required for certification, but focus entirely on the educational-value of what we do.

So there’s not a paid option that you’re looking for, but your company can still use Exercism and upskill your devs through it :slight_smile: