Please sync rust bowling exercise doc with spec

The rust track Bowling exercise’s documentation is not in sync with the specification.
The actual documentation is misleading regarding how the 10th frame of game works when a strike is scored.
The root specification has corrected that but the rust doc is not in sync.
This can be fixed with a sync since the rust doc is only a copy of the root spec without modification.
I would have done it myself submitting a PR, but my understanding is that PR are not welcome in this community :roll_eyes:
Thank you or your attention.

Hi @vjau :wave:

I think you may be mistaken about the PRs not being welcome. Please read this blog post on the site for clarification.

The TL;DR?

We prefer that you discuss any changes here on the forum before opening a PR. That way, community members can help you with the change and ask any questions or clarify any grey areas.

So - if you are clear on how syncing works, I think the Rust maintainers (pinging @senekor :smile: ) would welcome a PR, and would more than likely reopen anything on GH that got auto-closed.

You can find configlet (our syncing tool) here, along with some instructions. Additional docs/things to think about are linked from the Rust Repo There is also this PR guidance.

Thank you for your answer, i will try, but i must admit that if it get auto-closed (first time i ear about something like that for PR), it will severely infer my motivation to contribute.

Well, the auto-close will happen, but then someone will reopen it because they will see the thread here. I’m sorry that feels demotivating - but we have our reasons, as outlined in the blog post.

@vjau Your contribution is welcome and I will reopen & review your PR in a timely manner. :blush:

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Solved with this PR: Sync documentation and metadata with problem-specifications by senekor · Pull Request #1783 · exercism/rust · GitHub


Thank you very much.