Powershell track is live!

Nice work!

The next “goal” will be 129 or something, which is quite hard to reach.

And I do see all messages on github that I mentioned, but now I turned it on so I get all messages from github.

@Meatball How strict do I have to stick with the test name/ description?

I’m doing the meetup exercise atm and there are a lot of tests case, most are quite similar with some slight change in inputs.
If I stuck with the formula :

        It "teenth Monday is the 13th, the first day of the teenth week" {
            $got    = Get-MeetUp -Year 2013 -Month 5 -Weekday 'Monday' -Schedule 'teenth'
            $want   = Get-Date -Year 2013 -Month 5 -Day 13

            $got | Should -BeExactly $want

it will get really long and have a lot of repetition, but on the other hand, using an array of inputs and expected results with -Testcases will reduce the code, but also limiting the names of the tests and might make it slightly harder for learners to read the test.
I’m not sure which trade off is preferred here.

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