(PR follow-up) Clarify Bird Watcher exercise

(Opening this forum post as-directed by a comment on this PR)

It is ambiguous to:

  • Use the word “odd” to describe both index-parity and “the property of being unusual”.
  • Determine parity with one-indexed counting, especially when the introduction to Arrays points out that Array-indexing is zero-based.

I do recognize that both of these issues could be resolved by a student closely reading the examples, and that learning to do due diligence in understanding a task is a core Software Engineer skill. However, Exercism’s mission seems to only discuss “programming” (not “engineering”); which I personally understand as being purely the practice of coding, without the undoubtedly important other career “soft skills”. That is - that exercises are not intended to be deliberately ambiguous. This is tenuously and tangentially supported by the (excellent) condemnation of ambiguous terms here.

(I chose to clarify what “odd” means, rather than to update the problem definition, because I wasn’t sure whether that would invalidate previous solutions)

Thanks for opening :slight_smile:

cc @ErikSchierboom

Merged. Thanks!