PRs to upgrade Yarn to 3.6.4 in the TypeScript track

@iHiD pointed to a bug report for the TypeScript track: because it uses Yarn 3.6.0, running tests fail on recent versions of Node 20.x. Node 18.x is not affected.

I volunteered to upgrade Yarn to fix this problem. It’s a bit complicated because the resulting changes creates a diff that is too large for a single GitHub PR.

The first PR is here:

This PR upgrades Yarn to 3.6.4 in common files and about half of the exercises. This needs to be merged first.

The second PR is here:

That PR upgrades Yarn to 3.6.4 for all remaining exercises. It must be merged after the first one (possibly needing a rebase beforehand).

I am unsure who to contact to proceed, so I am posting this here. Feel free to contact me in this thread or on Discord (username: danov66) for any questions, or if there’s something I need to fix in my PRs.

One last note: ideally, Yarn would also need to be updated in the TypeScript test runner. I was unable to get the build steps to run locally however, so I did not take stab at it. This is less urgent however, because the test runner currently uses Node 18.x which is unaffected by the issue at hand.

Thanks so much :blue_heart: I’ve pushed this @ErikSchierboom’s way to look at.

Do you have Docker installed on your machine?

I do, but there was a weird script error when I ran yarn build. I must admit I didn’t really have time to investigate, so I’ll take another stab at it.

I’ve finally managed to run the test runner script locally. I’ve posted an update in the PR.

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