Question about learning more before submitting, or doing, code on this site

i know, as i think, basics of bash.
what i’m curious about is learning more about the intermediate, advanced areas of bash programming.
i’ve gone through part of this, it is old yet very good reference that i think-
Burtch - Linux Shell Scripting with Bash
and i have found this-
Pro Bash Programming, Second Edition.pdf
oh, and also the GNU bash reference.

what my question is, is should i read all of them to start from the beginning, the “Burtch…” book is good for me, how he explains things, yet i know that it is very outdated, version of bash.
the “Pro Bash…” it’s like they want to talk over my head. i can follow along with about 1/2 to 2/3 of the advanced topics.

what i’m looking for is something that i can follow along with and understand, yes it might take me an extra step or two, yet all of the bash programming things that i’ve tried to follow along with on youtube i basically already know.
i want something that is going to step me up, and up, until i can write something like the bats tests that we have to compare our code against. that’s what i want to know.

yes i understand that it’s going to take a while, lot’s of lines, yet i need something to be able to follow before i keep having the moderators be frustrated with me. my mind jumps around to much, it’s the carpenter in me trying to keep everyone else on the job site busy, sorry.

please give me your thoughts on if i should just settle down with the couple of references that i have or try and take a look at something else.

thank you and take care

scripting:tutoriallist (copied from the now-defunct bash-hackers wiki)

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