Re: Exercism: We're upgrading you to Insiders status!

Hello, couple weeks ago I’ve received an e-mail with information regarding my account being upgraded to “Insiders”. I can’t use some or all of “Insiders” features. I would be grateful if someone could check account status. My e-mail is the same as the one used by my Paypal account. Thanks for the upgrade!

(cc @ErikSchierboom to check)

It looks like you’re donating 9,99 each month, which is just one cent shy of our required amount. See the Nitty Gritty FAQ at Exercism

The fact that you’ve received the email could be indicative that you qualified for this rule:

  • For donations before we launched Insiders, you get one month of Insiders for every $9.99 donated, from the date that Insiders launched, plus one extra bonus month. So if you donated $35 before Insiders launched, you’d get Insiders access through June, July, August and September 2023.

But it could also be any of the other rules listed in the FAQs.

@ErikSchierboom Actually, $9.99 should give someone Insiders ( I changed when we merged Premium & Insiders together. (I think you were off when I did this - sorry for not communicating it!)

So I think it’s a different issue.

Ah okay I’ll dig deeper (we should update the faq)

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@randomError There was a bug. It should be fixed now. My apologies. If you visit the Insiders page are you able to join?

@iHiD-alt @ErikSchierboom I was able to join. Thank you for resolving a bug and for all the work regarding Exercism. Was it just my account or other people will be affected with this fix?

Edit: I found later that I can’t add “insiders” Discord channel to my Discord account. I’ve used “Integrations” menu at Exercism web site and then tried to access channel link but it’s locked for me. Is it possible to unlink Discord account and try again? (I have two accounts and not sure which linked first but on both can’t access)

It was a few other people too. I think anyone who hadn’t made a new payment since I merged Insiders and Premium. So thank you on their behalf for alerting me! :slight_smile:

I’ve reset your Discord for you. @dem4ron will be adding this “disconnect” functionality to the Integrations page soon so you should be able to have full control in future too.