Really confused about the Coordinate Transformation exercise on the Closures topic

Can you explain which knowledge of geometry you needed exactly? We can amend the exercise instructions to include this knowledge so it’s no longer required.

Agree! I think there is the same issue with some other topics in Learning Mode

Honestly, it was just very difficult for me to figure out what was meant “translate”, “scale” as for as coordinates went. I didn’t even understand what the functions were supposed to do. If I hadn’t googled it what those terms meant in terms of coordinate pairs and figured out that “translating” was referring to addition and “scaling” was referring to multiplication, I probably wouldn’t have been able to deduce it by the instructions alone.

I also had to consult Chat GPT for the proper syntax as well because that wasn’t immediately obvious. Nothing in this exercise felt like it was based upon previous concepts.

Thank you for sharing.

I think a quick intermediary change we can make is explain what translate and scale are, and how they are supposed to work.