Requiring people solve exercises prior to mentoring?

Good thread. Thanks everyone. I think people should have done some minimum on Exercism before mentoring. I think solving an exercise other than “Hello World” is probably an absolute minimum thing to have done.

Another idea might be asking someone to have some minimum reputation (e.g. 5 - which they would get through publishing 2-5 solutions). This acts as effectively the same barrier as above but means someone most be willing to publish their code, which I think is also a reasonable thing to ask an a potential mentor to do.

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Even while personal, this is important data.

I do not remember exactly how/when I became mentor, but it likely was after solving quite a few exercises and also after getting mentored a few times (which gave me confidence that yes, I can be a mentor).

I just checked and it looks like I have never been mentored in my main mentoring language. I do not think this is a problem. Besides, ‘fixing’ this might not be feasible for lack of mentors.

Kinda obvious, but for the record: I agree.

Do you have recordings of how people came to be mentors? Like how many exercises they had solved beforehand, whether they had been mentored, etc.

Potential problems with using reputation:

  • Getting a spelling fix PR merged gets you +12 reputation already
  • I do not expect correlation (+ nor -) between publish-happiness and mentor-suitability

(For what it’s worth, I am publish-averse.)

Then the labels on that PR have been to generous…

…or I am mistaken. I was under the impression that all PR’s get you +12 reputation.

You’re mistaken :slight_smile:

See details on Reputation | Exercism's Docs

But hello world + rep gate seems sane.

Hello i am Erfan
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Def hello():
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