Reviving the ARM64 assembly track

I noticed the ARM64 assembly track was quietly archived a while ago.

I’m new to assembly but I’d be willing to help out.

It seems @bergjohan was a maintainer since he authored the hello-world. Is there anyone else who might have information about the track?

Not to discourage you, but starting a track without having a firm grasp of the language is a rather hard task. That’s not to say it is impossible, but maybe you could try finding someone with ARM64 knowledge to pair up with?

There is someone looking to make a 32-bit arm track, Request for ARM Assembly (32 bit) Track - Exercism Support - Exercism. So maybe they could team up? But they have to decide which version to use but there is already a start made for arm64.

I may just wait for the (32-bit) ARM track to get under weigh. That seems to be where the greater community interest is, judging from how the conversation is developing over there.