Swag and Shipping - can anyone check the mug ships to where you're at?

If you’ve ever tried setting up Shopify, you’ll know that what always starts as a ‘simple and straight-forward’ idea…tends to turn into an increasingly complicated and customisable experience!

Setting up the Swag store was pretty seamless (thanks to Shopify and the host of plugins they offer!), but there are little nitty gritty issues that pop up every now and then which need to be bopped and that I enjoy finding all about!

So, to cut a long story short…if anyone wants to test if you can buy this mug (don’t buy it if you don’t want to, it’s more to make sure the mug can ship all over the world!)

Help test the shipping on this mug

Let me know!

It ships to Canada, but the shipping charge…

ooooffff…I’ll have to sort something out on that one! That is hefty!

shipping costs for new black coffee mug

Actually not bad!

$7 shipping to my cousins in Budapest, Hungary.

$11 to a fictional address in South Africa.

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Hmm … living in a land down under …

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Thanks @axtens for sharing.

That’s not as expensive as I feared it would be!

Thanks for checking @BNAndras - I’m surprised that the shipping rates are not as terrible as I feared they would be.

Would be good to know what you think is the max % of the original price of the product, that would be ok for shipping?

That’s ok…is it me or has shipping gone up drastically in cost of late?!

I might start to second-guess an item purchase if shipping here in the US was more than 12 USD and/or over 40% of the original item value. I don’t purchase physical things very often, especially online. When I do, it usually ends up being Amazon Prime so that somewhat throws off the perception of shipping costs.

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Thanks for the insight, that’s helpful to know. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to make the overhead cost of things come down as much as possible. I’m always open to thinking through our processes to make sure Swag can be sent all over the world! Amazon really do have the most phenomenal distribution network though…it’s frightening!