Testing new ClojureScript exercises

Thanks @ErikSchierboom for adding lots of new exercises to the ClojureScript track!

I’ve attempted several of the new exercises, but always get the following message:

Screenshot at 2023-05-29 20-25-02

(The location is different for each exercise. This example is from accumulate.)

I noticed that tests for the new exercises require clojure.test, whereas tests for older exercises require cljs.test. I think (based on this) that clojure.test is automatically treated as an alias for cljs.test, so that might not have anything to do with it…

Ah, I think you’re right. Would you mind submitting a PR to bulk fix this? Ping me in the PR to get it merged.

Thanks Erik, I’ve submitted PR #162.

FYI We're deactivating the ClojureScript track We only just discussed this, so sorry for the PR request (you’ll still get reputation for it though).