Track Trophies are live!

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just pushed Track Trophies live!!

You can unlock trophies per track so you can earn the same trophy multiple times across multiple tracks. They’re designed to encourage your progress on specific tracks, and in the long run to reward you for things that you have done that are track specific (like used Recursion on a functional track, or reflection on a language that uses metaprogramming).

There are 6 trophies to start with - the same across all tracks. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be filling another 6 (maybe eventually another 12!) slots with track-specific trophies. The first of those will come next week for completing Learning Mode and for solving 5 hard exercises.

We’ll be backloading data for people next week to assign trophies you should have already received. But in the meantime, you can earn trophies by solving exercises as normal (one slight disclaimer is that solving an exercise might earn you a few trophies at once, and you will get multiple notification emails about them!).

I hope you enjoy the trophies - I really like the feature and I’m excited to us it myself!


Hi there.

How does the award for reading 50 community solutions work?
Is it awarded just for checking those solutions or do we have to interact in any other way with them (like bookmarking or commenting)?


Opening the page should trigger it. We don’t monitor if you actually read them or how long you spend on them, etc.

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do trophies give you rep.?

No, they don’t.

Can trophies be shared on LinkedIn somehow?