Trial Games Night TONIGHT!

We’re trialling a games night tonight after the last Community Call of 2022! The games will begin at ~19:00 UTC…

If you’d like more info, check out this post

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I hung around on the call, and though I did not have time scheduled to play, listened to the festivities, and it sounds like the attendants had a good time! Occasionally, it sounded like I heard screams¹ from the vacuum of space, but that could have only been my imagination.

1: No Exercism Peoples were harmed in the Game Night!


It was fun! Looking forward to more game nights in the future.

My suggestion would be to setup a discord server for people who want to play or hangout and we could host these gaming nights there. I think it would be great to have a permanent discord server for this, but having special dates with gaming nights is also a good idea, so people can reserve some time before hand to play some games or just hangout.

I’m suggesting the discord server because:

  1. Sharing the screen in Goto Meetings is hard. One has to be made presenter and I believe only one person can share the screen at the time. Screen sharing is great to have, because it means someone playing the game can stream for other that are not playing the game. This encourages people who don’t want to play, but just want to hangout to stay in the call. If they can see what we are doing, they can also be a part of the conversation if they want to, even if they are not playing. They might also just be curious about what we are doing, and this way someone playing can show them. Voice channels in discord allow for this and one can see who is each voice channel and even if someone is streaming before entering it. I do this all the time with my friends and works really well. If one of us is not feeling well after a tiring day of work and they don’t have the energy to play something, they are still welcome to hangout and watch a stream of one of us that is playing.

  2. Having just one call might not be the best. One thing I also notice with my friends is that while it is very difficult trying to convince 10 people to play the same game at the same time, it is often not that hard to divide those 10 people among 2 or 3 games they want to play. In discord we can just have a few voice channels and have people who want to play different games distributed among those channels (1 game per channel). Another cool thing with discord is that you can change voice servers at any time, so if one wants to change the game they are playing or just watch someone stream the other game for some reason, it is very easy to just change voice channels.