Typo in "Orm in One Go"

I’m not sure this is the right section of the forum for this, but I just spotted a typo in the instructions for the C# version of this exercise. In the paragraph beginning with Database.Write(string data) , a mention of BeginTransction() exists, without the second ‘a’.

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Good catch.

I’m also seeing a formatting issue at csharp/exercises/concept/orm-in-one-go/.docs/introduction.md at e9f999fc399e924f3f2386bc07613635fff5d469 · exercism/csharp · GitHub which gets rendered on the site as resource-cleanup uses the IDispose interface... but this should probably be Resource Cleanup uses the IDispose interface....

We can’t really change the text, as it is rendered as a widget, We could rephrase to:

The concept:csharp/resource-cleanup exercise uses the IDispose interface

Maybe that would help?

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